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Document Legalization and Authentication

Document Legalization and Authentication

All State Courier, LLC provides prompt and professional Washington DC Document Legalization and U.S State Department Authentication and Certification Services. All State Courier will hand-carry your documents to the U.S State Department for Authentication or Apostille. And if required, our professionally trained legalization agents will submit your documents to the Washington DC Notary & Authentication office for further legalization before submission to the U.S State Department. Our agents will also submit and pick up your documents at the appropriate embassy for final legalization process. We will have your documents processed accurately, quickly, and for a price far less than other courier services. We also offer same day pick-up and delivery to and from your Washington, DC offices.  All State Courier focuses on saving you time and the frustration that comes with document authentication. Our trained agents will obtain and save your pick-up receipts, and will also inform you when your documents will be ready. All State Courier offers same day pick-up and expedited service for your Washington DC Document Legalization and Authentication needs.  We ensure that your documents are processed properly and efficiently, and for an affordable price.  The Document Legalization process can be confusing and frustrating, so we’re here to make the process easier and faster, to help relieve that burden.   All State Courier can save you time and provide peace of mind by staying in constant contact and letting you know immediately of any problems or delays. For the best in Washington DC Document Legalization and Authentication, you can count on the professionals at All State Courier. We are also experts on Embassy of China Document Legalization and Authentication Services.

All State Courier is here to meet your Washington DC document Legalization and Authentication needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our Washington DC Authentication and Apostille Services just don’t deliver, “We Truly Deliver.”

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