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All State Courier is the number one authority in local courier support in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. All State Courier partners with local and national businesses, providing them with a variety of customized delivery solutions that fit every budget. Through turn-key technology, in depth shipping methods, and a vast experienced customer support team, we continue to exceed the demands and expectations of our delivery partners in courier support.


All State Courier was founded in 1987 as an on-demand local document delivery service. However, we didn’t stop there. Soon thereafter, we were contracted by various airlines to deliver lost luggage to their clients. All State Courier was also trusted by banks, lawyers, lobbyist, and non-profit organizations to deliver their newsletters room to room to every congressperson and senator at the Capitol Hill. All State Courier has since evolved as a total delivery partner, providing a variety of delivery solutions such as: local and national same day service, nationwide next day, second day, third day, and an assortment of other services in-between. This is why our delivery partners have come to trust and rely on us.


All State Courier’s clients range from major Washington, D. C law firms, architects, major pathology laboratories, public relations companies, leading hospitals, national non-profit organizations, lobbyists, home healthcare companies, and small businesses to nationwide conglomerates with varied shipping solution needs. We built our exceptional reputation by exceeding our clients’ expectations by creating solid courier support which sets us apart from our competitors. We take careful consideration to ensure that our clients receive competitive rates for both local and long distance same day delivery services. We are eager to work with you within your budget. All State Courier has the vital manpower and technology in place to exceed your demands and expectations in shipping support.


All State Courier sees itself as the invisible courteous hand that represents every business. Why? Because we often visit your clients’ place of business more than you do. All State Courier views itself as an extension of our delivery partners by providing professional and reliable services that enhance the way they are perceived by their clients. This is our commitment to you.


What’s a straight line? A straight Line is the shortest distance between two points. All State Courier takes this into perspective to ensure that your delivery gets from point “A” to point “B” in record time. All State Courier is staffed with team players with over 29 years of experience in local and national courier support. All State Courier has fleets of trucks, cars, bikes, and walkers with unique experience in handling your delivery needs. All State Courier receives your order and automatically assigns it the level of service that you requested. Our dispatcher sends detailed order information via enhanced wireless solution to a team member. However, this information is verbally confirmed over our 2-way radio, ensuring crosschecks in communication. All State Courier dispatcher will continue to track the team member’s location, direction of travel, and speed to ensure that your package is delivered on time.

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